Tar Valon Shadowsong
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Welcome to Tar Valon!

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Welcome to Tar Valon! Empty Welcome to Tar Valon!

Post  Burnel on Sat Jan 26, 2013 1:07 pm

Hello and Welcome to tar Valon, a World of Warcraft Guild on the Shadowsong EU Server! Very Happy

Tar Valon is as a guild is based on the Wheel of Time series, because they are great books and heck... we needed something fun!

We started Tar Valon as a group of Friends because we wanted to tweak the formula of a Social guild.

We have a lot of fun! We do legacy raids and dungeons (old world content) as well as End game material. The bottom line always being fun, laughs, and friends.

Our raiding is also pretty awesome! We make quick progression with our main team and still find time to teach people the ropes.

If you would like to join our guild, then please read the guild rules, and consider yourself welcome. You can apply by using the guild finder, or contacting one of our guild members in game.

Welcome to Tar Valon! EjB2VMM

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